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Tools available on the measurement portal that can make your daily life more convenient:

  • reading of remote water consumption meter data.
  • remote reading of heat meters.
  • allocator - remote reading of heat charge dividers.
  • remote reading of electricity meter data.
  • the latest Internet of Things technologies - NB IoT for more static devices and LTE-M for more devices and sensors on the move.


Among the most popular Internet of Things devices in Latvia at present are water consumption and heat energy meters.


Benefits of introducing remotely readable water meters:

  • It's convenient. Citizens will no longer have to submit monthly water meter readings, they will no longer have to remember the dates on which they need to submit meter readings.
  • Equality. Residents can no longer hide the actual water consumption meter readings by reporting lower water consumption meter readings than the amount of water actually consumed, and then call in a "specialist" who puts the desired readings on the meter dial for the resident.
  • residents can no longer steal water, as they can with a conventional water meter by stopping it with a magnet, or squeezing it with pincers. The offered Smart water consumption meters are protected against the effects of strong neodymium magnets. Among the mechanical water consumption meters Smart meters are out of competition in the level of protection. If an apartment has low water consumption, reading the data remotely, there is no suspicion of possible abuse of the resident by hiding the actual consumption. It is not necessary to go for a control reading of the individual meters of the apartment.
  • Resource saving. The operator will no longer have to process the monthly water consumption readings submitted manually by the population. We recommend choosing automatic loading of water consumption data into the accounting program.
  • Data accuracy. The IoT watermeters system automatically sends a monthly report to the specified emails. The report shows the data: apartment number, contract number (if necessary), water meter name, meter and radio module number, estimated consumption, current readings of the previous month and the current month, time of reading the readings. The parameters we want to see in the report can be changed by the user. A sample report is attached. Automatically uploading water consumption data to an accounting program eliminates the possibility of an error that may occur when entering data manually.
  • Timely identification of problems. The IoT watermeters system of the measurement portal provides automatic sending of notifications to e-mail or mobile phone number identifier. The IoT watermeters system when recording an event automatically sends a notification about: removed radio module, back flow, external magnetic influence, continuous water flow. For example, a resident of an apartment has left the faucet open, water is constantly flowing, or the mechanism of the toilet bowl flushes is damaged. Water flows continuously through the overflow box of the toilet. The resident may not notice it for a long time. In a month, up to 100-200 m3 of water can flow through the toilet, for which the resident should pay. When implementing the IoT watermeters system, the IoT watermeters system automatically sends a notification to the specified contacts. For example, in apartment x, water flows continuously for 2 hours. Consuming 608 liters in just 2h. The subscription can respond in a timely manner based on the notifications received.
  • The IoT watermeters system organizes water records.
  • The IoT watermeters system helps the consumer to understand how the water consumption of his property is formed. Each subscription to the IoT watermeters portal can create a personal profile at no extra cost, where you can keep track of your property's water consumption data.


We offer to get acquainted with the water meter management IoT watermeters portal using DEMO connection. The demo connection allows potential customers to get an idea of ​​the water consumption meter management portal offered by Orols, including getting acquainted with analytical services that provide an opportunity to easily perform data analysis and research.



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