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We are glad that you want to know more about us! Let's get acquainted - we are, and we call ourselves a company Orols, because its simpler. Orols can be found in the Latvian Register of Enterprises since 1997, over time the activity expanded and other companies emerged, keeping the word Orols as a key word in the title.


Our main activities are water consumption, heat meter installation services for residents, house managers, telemetry solutions for remote meter reading. Practical experience has been gained, because every day we see how and under what conditions water consumption and heat energy meters are installed and what issues are relevant at the moment. We actively advise residents and representatives of managers on the possibilities to reduce the difference in water consumption between the population and the domestic water meter, in order to comply with the initial idea of why individual water metering was introduced. Let everyone pay for their actual consumption. We keep up with the times and also offer the best European solutions for water and heat accounting.


The water consumption and heat energy meter testing laboratory was established in 1999 by installing a modern water consumption and heat energy meter testing equipment. The laboratory is accredited by the Latvian National Accreditation Bureau, entitled to deal with the verification of cold and hot water consumption meters, heat energy meters. We are the first to assemble water meters from various manufacturers: Rossweiner, Minol, Maddalena in Latvia. We know the strengths and weaknesses of each water meter model. Inspections Laboratory provides service and repeated inspection of all brands of water meters installed in Latvia, provides spare parts for necessary repairs.


Since 2011, the company Orols has been the official representative and distributor in Latvia of the world-famous water consumption, heat energy, gas and electricity meter manufacturer GRUPA APATOR - POWOGAZ.

Apator Group is a dynamic growing industrial and financial group, which currently includes 14 companies - 8 Polish and 6 abroad. The goal and postulate of the APATOR group is to create not only modern technology that allows us to efficiently handle any type of energy, but also the safety of customers, as well as care for the environment. You can learn more about the APATOR Group at

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