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We provide re-verification (inspection) of water consumption and heat energy meters.


We invite water management, heat supply, installation companies for cooperation, we will ensure the inspection of your meters.


The term for verification of meters is specified in Cabinet Regulation No. 40 "Regulations regarding the List of Measuring Instruments Subject to State Metrological Control".

Verification periodicity:

  •  mechanical water consumption meters, at least once in 4 years
  •  electromagnetic and ultrasonic water consumption meters, at least once every 6 years
  •  heat meters according to their nominal diameter (DN):

DN < 100 mm every 2 years

  • 100 mm ≤ DN ≤ 300 mm every 4 years
  • DN> 300 mm every 8 years


How does this happen? 

  • You will hand over the meters to the Orols laboratory on Lubanas Street 41B in Riga on working days from 09:00 to 16:00
  • We agree on the deadline for testing the meters. The inspection usually takes place within a few working days.
  • After checking the meters, you will receive, as a result of the check, meters verified (validated) as valid meters with new verification marks (stickers) and a meter test certificate, or as a result of a test of invalid meters, a meter marked invalid and a meter test certificate.



Orols Laboratory does not undertake any warranty against mechanical damage to the customer's measuring instruments in future operation. When verifying your measuring instruments, at the time of verification we determine whether the measuring instrument is listed in accordance with the permissible errors, we cannot assume warranty obligations for a used measuring instrument that we have not sold or manufactured.


For your convenience, we offer to use the service together with the assembly work. Order the service on the Orols website, we will take care of the removal / installation of meters in your home. Within one working day after receiving the E-application, we will contact you by calling the phone number indicated in the application to agree on further action or additional necessary information.


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